Medik8ƒ‚® Beta AOXƒ‚‚ (30ml) (Blue AOX)

Medik8ƒ‚® Beta AOXƒ‚‚ (30ml) (Blue AOX)


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Product Description

Medik8 Beta AOX is the replacement for the Medik8 Blue AOX product as this has now been discontinued.

Designed for oily skin, Medik8 Beta AOX combines a fast absorbing oil free formula with an intensive antioxidant complex to delivere remarkable results.

Individuals suffering with oily skin are typically faced with an additional struggle when it comes to finding the right anti-aging serum. Beta AOX confronts both of these concerns and does so beautifully.

Its unique composition including key ingredients like chirally correct copper, PCA, Beta-Glucan, and Rosemary Extract is expertly formulated to treat the even the most difficult skin. Repeated use of this product is proven to render a variety of beautiful, lasting skin advantages:

  • Protection from environmental damage
  • Reduction and prevention of premature skin aging
  • Rejuvenated skin with an increased ability to repair itself

From its oil-free application to its rich antioxidant composition, this product is beautiful from start to finish and will deliver vibrant, younger looking skin.

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